Litchfield Soccer Club

Why are we using a new registration website?
The Connecticut Junior Soccer Association (CJSA) migrated to a new registration platform for the Fall 2018 season. Going forward, all registration will be completed on this platform and all clubs in the state were invited to host their club websites on it as well. While there will be some growing pains, eventually the new system will allow much greater integration between all teams within the CJSA.

When can I register?
Registration opens in January for the Spring season and May for the Fall season. Each season has an on-time deadline, with a $25 late fee imposed after. Once rosters are created for Travel there is a $75 late fee to register. Follow our Facebook page for registration announcements each season
What is the cost to register?
Junior Pre-K (U5) costs $75. Junior (U6) costs $90. Junior (U8) costs $110 with uniform jerseys included. Travel (U9-U19) costs $135 plus uniforms.
Late fees may apply.

Our Premier program(s) are generally more expensive and specific costs are league and tournament dependent.
How do I register?
All the registration information and links are on the Registration Page. Additionally, "how to" products are available on the Player and Coach/Volunteer pages. The registration process can be broken down into the following steps:

1) A parent/guardian creates (or logs into) the family account, then. . .
2) Adds any additional parents/guardians.
3) Adds dependents who will register to play soccer.
4) Registers the player(s) for age appropriate program(s).
5) Registers to coach or volunteer if they choose to do so.

For seasons going forward, the process will start at step 4 above for returning families/players.
Which team do I register for?
Initially, registration is organized automatically by player age. Age groupings are mandated by the CJSA via a matrix but generally you can determine a player's team by assuming the "U" stands for "under." For example, if you have a ten year old, he/she will automatically be assigned to the gender specific U11 team.

Exception: 15 yos may register for the U15 team if they are in 8th grade.
Do we really need to upload a player/coach photo? And a birth certificate too?
All Travel players/coaches MUST upload a photo for the Spring season, if they did not play this past Fall. No photo = no pass. No pass = no play. NO EXCEPTIONS.

All players new to Travel soccer (U9-U19) must be age verified by a birth certificate or passport image. So if the player has not been age verified or if you are not sure, please upload the document. No verification = no play. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Every season we have players and/or coaches who miss games because the above step(s) was skipped and then forgotten. Please take a moment to upload a photo of the player/coach and the birth certificate/passport (if necessary).
How often do we play/practice?
Travel soccer commonly practices twice per week (days TBD) with one game each weekend. Junior soccer practices once per week with an additional practice/scrimmage on Saturday mornings, except for U-5 which is only on Saturdays.
How are the games played?
To maximize fun and development, different age groups play with different formats: ball size, playing time, team and field size, game duration, etc. The specific format for each age group can be referenced in the NWD District Handbook:

This is an excellent resource for all things youth soccer related as it pertains to our club.
Do we need a uniform? How do I get it?
All Travel players require a uniform. Uniforms are purchased through our online store found under the Participant page and the Registration page

Junior players will receive a uniform t-shirt with their registration.
Can I coach?
All of our coaches are unpaid volunteers (AKA parents), so yes you can coach!

Or be a team manager or pretty much volunteer in any capacity you like. There is a process, however. Please read the "Coaching/Volunteering for LSC" under the Coach/Volunteer tab.
Who can I contact with additional questions?
Please e-mail us at and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.