Litchfield Soccer Club

Leagues, districts and divisions.

The CJSA organizes CT youth soccer into multiple leagues: recreational, recreational plus, competetive, and premier.  The LSC commonly runs three programs in the Fall and Spring which align with the leagues above.

Our Junior Program is operated under the CJSA Recreational League.  It is an informal program for players ages 3 - 7 designed to introduce soccer to our youngest players and prepare them to play at a more competitive level.  Games are played in-house against other LSC players.  Sometimes coaches will schedule "friendlies" with a neighboring town to introduce the kids to more structured play.  No standings are kept at this level.

Our Travel Program is operated under the CJSA Competitive League*.  It is the aim of the LSC to enter a team at each age group, grades 3 thru 8, for the Fall and Spring season though sometimes age groups are combined to field a team.  The Travel Program is much more formal  and plays a structured schedule against other opponents in the Northwest District (NWD) "Classic" League.  The program is subject to all the policies of the NWD since standings are kept and division champions are recognized each season.  Furthermore, the NWD will organize teams into an A Division (most competitive) and a B division (competitive) when enough teams exist to do so.  The CJSA does not allow high school students to play in the Fall (so as not to conflict with the CIAC), but high school age divisions exist for the Spring season and the LSC commonly enters a Boys U19 and Girls U19 team.

When appropriate, the LSC will also organize a Premier Program for age groups that warrant that level of competition.  The club will attempt to place Premier teams in the league and division that is most appropriate for their level of play.  That includes moving the team to a more competitive district for the season, entering the team into the CJSA Premier League, or entering the team into the CCSL.

*At the U9 and U10 age, Travel Teams may be designated as Rec Plus to increase the team size.